Two Classics United in One Amazing Tapa!

|two classics in one tapa | Egg, Salmorejo & Jamón Ibérico Tapa
Two classics in one tapa.

As all the recipes we post to this Jamón Ibérico blog, this one is very simple to prepare. The only tricky step is to prepare a good Salmorejo, but we’ve got you covered with our blog post “The SECRET for the best “Salmorejo” you’ll ever have“.

First of all, you’ll need to prepare a hard boiled egg (you know how to do that, right?). Then slice it trying not to break it into pieces, pour some salmorejo on top, add a pinch of ground pepper and crown it with the best ham in the world “Jamón Ibérico de Bellota” from


Jamón Ibérico and Salmorejo Tapa

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