Morcilla Iberica, piquillo pepper and quail eggs

5 Prep. Time
5 Cook Time
10 Total Time
2 People
Morcilla Iberica, piquillo pepper and quail eggs
Morcilla Iberica, piquillo pepper and quail eggs. Credit: Photo: Andrew Crowley


How to prepare

  1. Begin by slicing your Morcilla 100% Iberica de Bellota from Iberico Club into equal 1-inch parts. (This Morcilla is dry-cured and does not need to be cooked)
  2. Next, grab a handful of Piquillo Peppers and dice them finely
  3. Place the finely chopped Piquillo Peppers into a pan and stir-fry them with approximately 2 teaspoons of olive oil; while stir-frying, add 1/2 ounce of chopped chives, 1 garlic clove and sprinkle thyme over the top
  4. In a separate frying pan, crack 2 quail eggs into the pan, and cook them until the yolks are hard, or cooked to your desire.
  5. Plating: Begin by serving the finely diced piquillo peppers in a plate as the base of a dish, then, continue by placing the 1-inch morcilla you cut earlier over the piquillo peppers, and last, follow by placing the quail eggs over the morcilla.




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