Sobrasada de Bellota Tosta with Orange Blossom Honey

5 Prep. Time
5 Total Time
4 People
Sobrasada Toast With Honey | Sobrasada de Bellota Tosta
Sobrasada Toast With Honey


It’s hard to find a “tapa” that is easier to make and packed with more flavor than this delicious Sobrasada Ibérica de Bellota toast with Orange Blossom Honey. The sobrasada is like a spreadable chorizo, super tasty and soft. At Ibérico Club we offer a “Pata Negra” Sobrasada which is made out of acorn-fed purebred Ibérico pork meat. No words can explain the deliciousness of the sweet and savory pair of flavors!


How to prepare

  1. Toast baguette slices in oven until golden.
  2. Cut sobrasada and spread evenly onto tostadas.
  3. Drizzle with honey and garnish with micro-greens.



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