Tomato Salad With Bonito del Norte Tuna & Piquillo Peppers

6 min Prep. Time

Super fresh with a great punch. Learn how to make this delicious salad with a truly unique ingredient. The Bonito del Norte in Olive Oil with fire roasted Piquillo Peppers is totally delicious!


It’s very important to choose the best tomatoes in the market. They need to be ripe and juicy. We like to use tomatoes on the vine.


Bonito del Norte Tuna in Olilve Oil with Piquillo Peppers is a totally delicious artisan product. There’s  huge difference between regular supermarket tuna and this delicacy.


Recipe brought to you by Tapas Academy form Ibérico Club




How to prepare

  1. Cut in 8 pieces each tomato on the vine and put them in the serving salad bowl.
  2. Open the jar of Bonito del Norte tuna with Piquillos and reserve the Piquillos.
  3. Put the Tuna in the salad bowl trying to maintain big chunks of tuna instead of breaking it into small pieces. This consistency is one of the differences between industrial tuna and artisan Bonito del Norte.
  4. Top the salad with a fire roasted Piquillo Pepper.
  5. Add the dressing of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, salt and some ground black pepper.
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