How To Carve A Whole Jamón Ibérico De Bellota [2 min. Step-by-Step video]

30 min Prep. Time

Carving a Whole Jamón Ibérico de Bellota can be overwhelming at the beginning, but fear not. Here’s the 2 minute ultimate step-by-step video guide to properly slice your delectable Whole Jamón 100% Ibérico de Bellota from Ibérico Club.


A few tips before starting to slice this unique Pata Negra:

  • Always sharpen your knife before carving. Most accidents occur because the knife is not sharp enough.
  • Make sure the ham is firmly secured in the Ham Holder “Jamonero” provided by Ibérico Club.
  • The Ham Holder should be in a non slippery surface. It’s a good idea to put an anti-slip surface underneath the ham holder.
  • Focus on 2 things: Maintain a flat cutting surface and carve thin bite-size slices.
  • Practice, Practice, Practice, and do not be afraid to do it wrong (thicker slices might not have the best texture but they still taste like heaven!). You’ll get it right in no time!


If you have any question feel free to ask us through our online live chat at Ibérico Club.


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How to prepare

  1. Place the ham firmly in the ham holder provided by Ibérico Club with the “Maza” (thicker side) facing up.
  2. Ideally let it breath for a day at room temperature (It’s ok if you can’t wait. We get it).
  3. With a serrated knife make a diagonal deep cut into the shank until you hit the bone.
  4. Remove the skin and yellow fat from the area where you’ll start slicing the ham.
  5. Save 3 or 4 slices of fat to cover the exposed meat surface when done slicing.
  6. Start slicing your Pata Negra! The knife should always be very sharpened.
  7. For best results, cut thin, almost transparent bite-sized slices.
  8. Make sure to maintain a flat slicing surface and avoid leaving a “U” shaped surface.
  9. To avoid accidents while carving, make sure your free hand is not in the direction of the knife.
  10. Continue carving until you find the hipbone. Insert a small knife to separate the meat from the bone.
  11. Now when you slice around the hipbone, the slices detach easily.
  12. Continue slicing, maintaining a flat surface. When you get to the bone in the center of the jamón “femur”, turn it over to start slicing the narrow side “Babilla”.
  13. Remove the skin and yellow fat from the babilla. Make sure no to remove all the white fat.
  14. Continue slicing trying to leave a small layer of white fat on each slice.
  15. When you get to the femur bone again there will still be plenty of jamón to enjoy. Separate it from the bone and cut it into small chunks to enjoy it as an appetizer or add it to a dish.
  16. Don’t throw the bone! You can make the best Jamón Ibérico de Bellota broth with it.
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