Pan Tumaca With Jamon Pata Negra [Tomato Rubbed Toast]

10 min Prep. Time

Enjoy this easy video recipe with the steps to prepare the best Pan Tumaca (tomato rubbed toast) with Pata Negra. This is the most traditional way to enjoy jamón Ibérico in Spain. The acidity of the tomato cuts into the delicious fat of the Jamón Pata Negra making it a great pairing.


The most important part of the Pan Tumaca is using the best white bread available. We like the airy bread that makes a light and crunchy bite. Pan de cristal is a great choice, but you can do it with baguette or any other white bread, ideally without seeds. Also choosing a ripe tomato on the vine is important.


Some people like to add a touch of garlic by rubbing it on the toast, but you can skip this step specially if you are using a really good Jamón 100% Ibérico de Bellota like the one you can get at Ibérico Club.


Brought to you by Tapas Academy from Ibérico Club


How to prepare

  1. Cut some slices of a good white bread.
  2. Put them in the grill (medium to high heat) with some Olive Oil. Toast until slightly brown.
  3. Cut a ripe tomato in half.
  4. (optional) cut a garlic clove in half and rub it on the toast.
  5. Rub the tomato on the toast. You can add an additional hint of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
  6. Top with the best Hand Carved Jamón Pata Negra in the world!
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