Delicious Sobrasada Ibérica De Bellota Toast

5 min Prep. Time

This unique toast is full with flavor and texture. And it’s because our Sobrasada Ibérica de Bellota is made out of acorn fed Iberico breed pork and that makes a huge difference. So you are not going to try a better sobrasada than this one.


It’s very easy to prepare this Spanish tapa. Just make sure you have freshly baked white bread and a good Sobrasada Ibérica de Bellota.


Brought to you by Tapas Academy from Ibérico Club.



How to prepare

  1. Cut some slices of white bread (baguette, ciabatta...).
  2. Put the slices in the toaster until slightly brown.
  3. Open your Sobrasada Ibérica de Bellota and cut some slices
  4. Remove casing from each slice.
  5. Place one slice of Sobrasada per toast and spread it.
  6. Place the sobrasada toasts in a serving plate and add some roasted Marcona Almonds. Enjoy!
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