How to Cut / Carve Jamón?

Carving an Ibérico ham by hand is simple, and is part of the unique Ibérico tasting process. To give you the most authentic experience, our whole Jamón Ibérico de Bellota comes with a holder and a specialty ham knife. Let us show you the best way to slice your ham with our easy 5-step process. 

STEP 1 Remove the outer layer of fat from the area you’re going to start eating. Place it aside to cover the meat once you’re done slicing.

STEP 2 Start cutting very thin, almost transparent slices. Keep the cutting surface flat, sharpen your knife frequently, and place the bite-sized slices on a plate.

STEP 3 When you find the hipbone, cut around it with your knife to separate it from the meat. This will make it easier to maintain a flat surface.

STEP 4 When you reach the bone, turn the ham over. Remove the layer of fat over the “babilla” (narrow side), and continue slicing.

STEP 5 When you reach the hipbone on this side, you’ll insert your knife again to separate it from the meat. Continue slicing the narrow side and the flank until you reach the bone. And remember not to throw the bone away – you can use it to make a delicious Jamón Ibérico de Bellota stock.


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