Ibérico Club

What is Tapas Academy?

Tapas Academy is Ibérico Club’s video channel where you can learn all about Spanish Tapas. Lots of short and fun video recipes of the most delicious Tapas from Spain. Check it out and enjoy: https://ibericoclub.com/tapas

How do I Contact Ibérico Club?

We are looking forward to chatting with you! There are many ways you can contact the support team at Ibérico Club:  Ibérico Club’s online Contact form https://www.ibericoclub.com/contact LiveChat https://www.ibericoclub.com/ (A pop-up will open on the website on the left bottom corner) Email [email protected]  WhatsApp: https://www.ibericoclub.com/whatsapp/ (our whatsapp number is 650 338 6945) Instagram https://instagram.com/ibericoclub Facebook … Continued

Where are Ibérico Club products from?

You guessed it! Our products are all 100% from Spain. We meticulously select them one by one (only the best make the cut), import them into the USA and ship them to your door (100% free shipping). View our products here

Where are you located? Where do your products ship from?

Our offices and FDA registered temperature-controlled warehouse are in Miami, Florida. All our products are from Spain and are shipped from our warehouse in Miami to all 50 states (1-3 day free shipping). Iberico Club Products

Where can I read Ibérico Club reviews?

We’ve got a lot of those, especially the 5 stars ones which we LOVE! Read some here: https://www.ibericoclub.com/reviews/ And here in Google: https://g.page/ibericoclub/review?gm

What makes Ibérico Club different and the best place to buy?

We are not a standard e-commerce store. We are not just a catalog of products. We truly believe in creating a community of food lovers around Ibérico Club. We honestly want to introduce the Spanish culinary culture to every food lover in the USA.  Our products are meticulously selected one by one directly by our … Continued